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Keyword-based Blog | Title

Writing a blog based on keywords or titles is as simple as providing a keyword or title. With this, you can create an SEO-optimized article ranging from 1000 to 8000 words, depending on your topic and keywords.


Outline-based Blog | Topic

Writing an outline-based blog is effortless. Just provide a keyword or a title, and the AI will generate a title for you (if not provided) and develop a complete outline with main and supporting ideas. You can freely edit this outline or even add up to 15 main topics and a detailed content of up to 15,000 words per article.


Rewrite a Paragraph Based on Another

Input a paragraph, and the AI will rewrite it according to your custom preferences.


Facebook Comment

Select the context and reader perspective for a Facebook post and comment.


Twitter Post | Like Elon Musk

Compose a Twitter post using AI based on the topic or keyword you provide.


Facebook | Google Advertisement

Craft Facebook or Google ads based on the keywords or topics you provide.


Product Comment (Review of Recently Purchased Product)

Based on the product context and your product description, write comments about your experience and review of the product.


Product Introduction

Compose a product introduction for your own product (Write product introduction for a website).


Product Introduction Video Script

Write a dialogue and action scene script for a short video to introduce the product


Short Comedy Sketch Video Script

Write a script containing dialogue and language action for a short comedy sketch


Learn On TikTok Video Script

Write a script for a TikTok video that imparts knowledge, as often seen on TikTok


Top 10 Video Script - Quotes | Lessons | Virtues | Reflections

Write a video script, providing viewers with impactful lines, lessons, virtues, or reflections related to your chosen topic

Content AI in Vietnamese
AI Content Writing Tool


Automatically generate content using AI


Excellent online text editing tool


Automatically search and quickly use images/videos


Automatically integrate title and meta description


Suggest additional keywords and search volume


AIcHub: Automatically Generate Article Content Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AIcHub is a tool that utilizes AI to generate content. AI gathers information from various data sources to automatically create articles, blog posts, product descriptions, emails, and various other types of content quickly.

Article: Create articles on various topics, saving time in providing quality content for blogs.

Product Comment: Automatically generate product comments for online stores or e-commerce websites.

Email Marketing: Support content creation for email marketing campaigns, increasing personalization.

Video Script: Automatically write a short video script on Tiktok, a social media platform.

AI Content Writing Tool - AIcHub
SEO là gì ? Nhân tố tác động tới Ranking google

What is SEO? Factors that Impact Google Ranking

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization - the process of optimizing websites and content to improve rankings on natural search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

Traffic Boost: Improve rankings to attract a large number of users from search.

On-page SEO Optimization: Optimize content, keywords, improve website speed, ...

Quality Backlinks: Trustworthy and high-quality backlinks with high interaction

Competitor Analysis: Thoroughly research your competitors and learn from them

Poor Content: To rank high on Google, you must have good and useful content for users.

Improve Your Website Content with AIcHub!

Improve Your Website Content with AIcHub!
Nâng cao nội dung trang web của bạn với AIcHub!

AIcHub Automatic Content Creation

AIcHub uses ChatGPT to create content automatically. It can produce articles, product descriptions, and more without significant human intervention.

Types of Text AIcHub Creates

AIcHub leverages the power of ChatGPT to predict and generate logical, human-like text.

Benefits of AIcHub

Saves time, maintains consistent style, scales production, and generates new ideas for users.

Websites on Google

AIcHub content can rank well with additional optimization from you.

AIcHub Pricing

Pricing varies by features, usage. Compare to find the tool that's right for your needs.

Free Version of AIcHub

Some tools offer a free version, but advanced versions typically have a cost due to AI resources.

Tối Ưu Hóa Nội Dung Trang Web Của Bạn Với AIcHub!

Improve Your Website Content with AIcHub!

AIcHub - Create Bulk Content for Your Website

Save time: AIcHub automatically generates high-quality content in less time than manual writing.

Variety of topics: Create content for any topic, from blog posts to product reviews.

SEO optimization: Automatically integrates keywords to improve website ranking on search engines.

Consistent style: Maintain a consistent writing style, consistent with the website's identity.

Customize output: Customize content to meet your specific needs.

Increase engagement: Engaging content keeps visitors longer and increases engagement.

What Customers Say About AIcHub

My experience with AIcHub for Vietnamese writing was an exciting one. Based on my use of many AI-related content writing applications, I can confirm that AIcHub has demonstrated intelligence. I would rate AIcHub 9/10 points. A notable point is AIcHub's ability to provide a marketing content feast that is already prepared. This makes it easy for users to choose content that suits them without difficulty. AIcHub is truly a reliable partner in supporting Vietnamese content writing.
AIcHub - Content Creator
Nguyễn Hồng Hạnh
Content Creator
Mr. Bùi Tuấn Anh, a student at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, shared his experience with AIcHub. He noted that some of his friends had used AIcHub and had praises for it, which made him curious and decided to try it. For him, using AIcHub provides the benefits of saving time and fast writing speed. He also highly values the ability to provide pre-existing content templates without having to think too much. However, he also commented on this ability with 8/10 points. Overall, AIcHub left a positive impression and provides an easy and efficient experience in Vietnamese content writing.
AIcHub - Student at Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Bùi Tuấn Anh
Student at Hanoi University of Science and Technology
I am Nguyễn Thanh Ly and today I want to share my experience using AIcHub. This product is really smooth, integrates many attractive contents. The chat feature is also good and very useful. The Vietnamese language is quite good, but still a bit lacking in originality. Overall, AIcHub has provided a good experience and potential for development in the future.
AIcHub - Shopee - Lazada Seller
Nguyễn Thanh Ly
Shopee - Lazada Seller
I am currently a university student. I want to share my experience using AIcHub in my studies and research. For my thesis, AIcHub is really useful, helping me find the outline and reference materials easily. In addition, I also use it to write articles and find ideas for posts. This service is really OK and helps save time. Those are the quality experiences that AIcHub brings to my studies and research.
AIcHub - Student at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology
Phạm Ánh Nguyệt
Student at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology

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